• Registration for admission open for grade nursery to VIII

    School Rules

  • Students are required to attend their classes each day of the School week for the entire School day.
  • The BABUJI VIDYA MANDIR School - Code of Behavior
  • All responsible students should:
    • Co-operate, treating others with respect and dignity
    • Respect the rights and property of others
    • Take responsibility for own learning
    • Demonstrate support across a range of school activities
    • Demonstrate self-respect and adhere to the School’s dress code

    Students at BABUJI VIDYA MANDIR School are encouraged to reach their potential – both Academically and as part of the community. The following rules have been developed so students can study effectively in a safe environment.

    The Rules require that students:
    • Fulfill all class and homework requirements
    • Show respect to each other and to all staff.
    • Attend School every day unless leave has been granted in advance by the Director of Sub-school. (This includes strictly observing published term dates).
    • Attend School well-groomed and wear the School uniform neatly and correctly.
    • Behave appropriately at School and in public (e.g., smoking, drug taking, using alcohol or bad language will not be tolerated).
    School Preparation program
  •   Demonstrated improvement in the use of the English
  •   Language, based on the National Language
  •   Demonstrated academic improvement
  •   Active involvement in class
  •   Meeting of all assessment deadlines
  •   Utilisation of support services provided by the School
  •   Evidence of self-discipline.
  • Absence From School

    Rolls are marked in students’ first lesson each day. All absences must be explained by a note from a parent or guardian, to be given to the teacher in first lesson; or by telephoning the absence line on +919771476011 Students arriving late to school must report to the student administration. Parents are also urged to support the school in ensuring that students attend swimming, athletic and cross-country sport carnivals – this is not a day to make dental/doctor appointments.

    This school takes very seriously its responsibility of care for students and parents will appreciate that it is important to everyone that all student absences be accounted for. A medical certificate or appropriate alternative is required if students are unable to sit for examinations as a result of illness. Students are removed from the roll if they are absent for 15 consecutive school days Without explanation.

    Leaving the School Grounds

    Students wishing to leave the school at any time during the day must bring written permission from a parent/guardian – to be handed in to the office before school; and before leaving the school must have their names entered into a register. Permission will only be granted for legitimate reasons eg. medical, dental appointments.

    Illness/Injury Illness at School

    Facilities available to students who become ill while attending school are very limited. If your child has shown symptoms of any illness before leaving for school it is recommended that he/she spend the day at home. If a student is ill, parents will be notified by telephone and will be requested to come to the school to take him/her home.

    It is important that we have a phone number to ring so that we can contact a parent, relative or friend in case an emergency arises. No medication will be administered by mouth unless special arrangements are made by parents/guardians. All medication must be stored in the administration building and administered by an administration Officer. The school does not distribute or administer any pain relievers eg. aspirin, paracetamol. Parents should inform the school of allergies or physical limitations or disabilities both temporary and permanent, which may affect a student’s well being or progress at school.


    In the event of injuries that are beyond the competence of staff or where there is doubt as to the nature of the injury, the ambulance will be called. Where the ambulance officer advises that further medical treatment is necessary, every effort will be made to contact the parent by telephone to advise of such action.

    If it is impossible to contact the parent from information contained on the school record card, permission for necessary treatment will be given by the school authorities. The Ambulance will transport your child to the nearest suitable medical facility which will treat the injury received and they will be accompanied by a staff member. Parents wishing to follow other procedures must advise the school in writing. Procedures requested must be acceptable to the school. AT NO TIME WILL INJURED STUDENTS BE KEPT UNTREATED IN THE SCHOOL.


    Should medication prescribed by the student’s medical practitioner be required to be administered while the student is at the school or involved in school-approved activities, a parent/legal guardian must, in the first instance, make a written request to the principal of the school. At all times, medication must be kept in a secure place i.e. handed in at the office. The medication must have the pharmacies label with students name and administering dosage required. (One exception, in selected cases is that of inhaler therapy for asthma.) On written approval of the school principal, the student may be responsible for the inhaler. At no times are students to keep medicines with them.