• Registration for admission open for grade nursery to VIII

    Principal's Note

    At BABUJI VIDYA MANDIR we set high standards and ambitious goals. Our Mission is ‘to nurture all that is best in each of our students’. With An impressive Teacher Pupil Ratio of 50:1 we can guarantee close Individual attention and provide a personalised curriculum that Nurtures, shapes and inspires all our students to maximize their Potential. Small classes work at a faster pace, allow individual Achievements to be celebrated and enable support and levels of Care. Teachers and students enjoy a close relationship and Collaborate together. All students are accompanied by the teachers On what can be a challenging and difficult Journey through the Many educational pathways they encounter at school.

    Although proud of our Size, it is a paradoxical characteristic of BABUJI VIDYA MANDIR that we can offer an Extraordinary large range of opportunities to our students. Our OPEN Greenfield site is safe and Secluded but close to a vibrant and dynamic city with a rich cultural artistic and sporting Heritage. We offer all subjects at Leaving Certificate and academic achievement is high.

    During This year of our existence we have established a reputation allowing us to place our students in healthy environment for better learning, skill development, enhance their potential and opportunities. Students represent their school teams in large numbers in sports as diverse as Sports, events. Musicals, concerts and drama productions offer huge potential to perform.

    " We are confident that we can awaken interests in your children that will stay with them forever. Education is the foundation of our future and I am focused on improving outcomes for all. "

    Thanking You

    - Mr. Anil Kumar

  • Founder
  • Principal Diary

    BABUJI VIDYA MANDIR school students — we owe it to them to provide the best possible stepping stones to help them realize their full potential. BABUJI VIDYA MANDIR an impressive state school system. It is one of our greatest strengths. It’s a system that can be further improved by giving principals, staff and local communities’ greater ownership of their schools and greater autonomy in decision-making. By removing red tape, BABUJI VIDYA MANDIR will have the freedom to determine their Staffing profile as well as the departmental policies and procedures that best suit their individual Environments. Principals will have direct communication with the Director-General as well as new opportunities for innovation and improved performance.

    This Government is committed to getting the basics right and getting Queensland back on track. The best way to do this is to enable the people closest to their communities to make decisions affecting them. This prospectus outlines the opportunities provided to, BABUJI VIDYA MANDIR. I welcome the interest of those school leaders, teachers and school communities who are considering an Application to participate in this important initiative.

    MaximiSing possibilities

    The BABUJI VIDYA MANDIR initiative recognises the best decision-making, for the most part, Occurs at a local level through direct response to local community needs and aspirations. It is designed to reduce red tape, giving schools more opportunities to achieve the best possible Outcomes for their students and local communities. In 2015, additional schools will have the opportunity to become BABUJI VIDYA MANDIR. And embrace additional autonomy to enable:

    • increased innovation
    • Stronger partnerships with industry and the community
    • Further tailoring of local school programs.

    BABUJI VIDYA MANDIR. Remain part of the strong state school system. They need to operate Within the system enacting the same core values, beliefs and priorities.