• Registration for admission open for grade nursery to VIII


    At Babuji Vidya Mandir, we have meticulously assembled the facilities that help nurture the child’s all around development and enable the child to transform his or her potential into laudable achievement. The facilities that will be offered to the child are:


    BABUJI VIDYA MANDIR Facilities are set in our beautifully landscaped grounds. We have a large, open campus with extensive garden areas and outdoor spaces for students. To enjoy the wonderful climate. The buildings are well-equipped, modern and regularly upgraded and include:

  •   A recently completed Science Centre that features eight laboratories
  •   As well as Extended Experimental Investigation rooms
  •   A state-of-the-art Design Technology Centre
  •   Music Centre with dedicated performance rooms, private tuition rooms and a recording studio
  •   A newly refurbished library with two computer laboratories
  •   specialist art areas
  •   Centre for Research Innovation and Future Development
  •   Wellbeing Centre

  • The BABUJI VIDYA MANDIR is housed in the new Sutton Building and Was purpose-built for BABUJI VIDYA MANDIR and English & Social Science classes. The design means students can be exposed to different teaching methods, From group work to seminars. The BABUJI VIDYA MANDIR staff is also located in the building so students have easy access to them if they have any questions or problems.


    The task of providing educational facilities to support the goal of providing universal access to primary education is very great. The approaches required to make sustainable progress are increasingly clear, but challenges to implementation remain considerable. This Guidance Note sets out how BABUJI VIDYA MANDIR effective programmes can be designed and implemented with a view to providing well planned, good value primary school infrastructure that meets the needs of STUDENTS and contributes to better teaching and learning.

    Learning Infrastructure and Quality Expectations.

    The school learning infrastructure refers to the site, building, furniture and equipment that contribute to a positive learning environment and quality education for all students. The quality of learning facilities available within an educational institution has positive relationship with the quality of teaching and learning activities which in turn leads to the attainment of goals set.

    Enhancement of Learning Environment for Quality Assurance

    Learning is a connection between response and stimuli. A good environment reinforces the efforts of the teacher by providing a good stimulus for effective teaching and learning to take place. A good school environment where good working facilities exist is a catalyst for effective teaching and learning. A good school environment presents learning as a lifelong enterprise and enables students to discover appropriate value system that can be their compass for self-awareness and national consciousness.

    Research Questions

    The following research questions were raised to guide the study:

    •   What types of learning environment and infrastructure are available in BABUJI VIDYA MANDIR schools?
    •   What are the effects of learning environment and infrastructure on teaching and learning in BABUJI VIDYA MANDIR schools?
    •   How are learning environment and infrastructure being maintained in BABUJI VIDYA MANDIR schools?

    Objectives of the Study

    The study is set to achieve the following objectives:

    •   Examine the state of learning environment and infrastructure in Ondo state BABUJI VIDYA MANDIR schools.
    •   Determine the effects of learning environment and infrastructure on teaching and learning in BABUJI VIDYA MANDIR schools.
    •   Investigate the extent to which learning environment and infrastructure are being maintained in BABUJI VIDYA MANDIR School.